Silver Technology

Silver as an antiseptic

Throughout history silver has been used for treating various diseases and infections, to disinfect water and food, as well as to treat burns and wounds. Today, silver containing products are well established antiseptics.

Silver acts as an antiseptic because its ions are active and can penetrate bacterial membranes. By interacting with bacterial enzymes and proteins, silver can break down bacteria’s cell profile, causing cellular distortion, loss of viability and inhibit the process of bacterial replication.

The advantages of silver

In comparison to other antiseptics, silver has its advantage in being effective on a broad range of germs even in small concentrations and over a long period of time.

The main advantages at a glance:

  • Well-established efficacy
  • Proven broad-spectrum antiseptic effect
  • Pro-healing as well as odour prevention effect
  • Excellent skin compatibility
  • Skin-friendliness