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Welcome to the new online world of Elastoplast – one of the world‘s most trusted wound care brands that offers smart products and innovatiove solutions to your problems. At Elastoplast, we want you to enjoy your active everyday life without worrying about the small inconveniences too much.
Got a blister on your foot, a burn or any other wound and you're not 100% sure how to deal with it? Our INSTANT HELP sections will give you fast and reliable answers and feature some special expert tips. If you want to know more about wound and foot care in general, browse through the MAGAZINE section we have created for you.

Helping you with small inconveniences

Life is not always smooth, but our mission is to help you keep going, no matter what happens. Elastoplast offers adequate treatment for almost any small inconvenience. You'll be surprised what we've developed to make your life easier: Find out how to avoid or reduce scars, how to treat blisters nasty burns... Click through the website and discover what the Wound Care Expert has to offer. 


Brand range

Elastoplast – Experience and competence

Beiersdorf HQ in Hamburg – home of Elastoplast
Where our innovations come from: The research and development center – also based in Hamburg
We are the health care brand of Beiersdorf, one of the leading skin care companies worldwide situated in Hamburg, Germany. Ever since Paul Beiersdorf, the founder of Elastoplast’s parent company, created the first medicated bandage in 1882, Elastoplast has never stopped raising worldwide wound care standards with its innovative products.

We‘ve been taking care of wound healing and skin care for more than a century

Elastoplast has more than 135 years of experience in innovation and is among the world’s most trusted brands. Our experts are world-leaders in bandage technology, wound care and the therapeutic treatment of skin. Working in close collaboration with health care professionals, they are at the forefront of scientific developments and technology.

Quality as benchmark

Elastoplast is a global brand which is sold in 6 countries all over the world (Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom). Ever since Paul Beiersdorf created the first coated bandage, Elastoplast products are known for their superior quality accross the world. Internationally, more than 200 different products are sold throughout countries like Germany, Chile, Australia and the UK under the brand names of Hansaplast, Curitas or of course Elastoplast. Apart from bandages and wound dressings, the product range includes solutions to foot problems, sports injuries, muscle pain and strain.


We are the Wound Care Expert you and your entire family can rely on! We support you by offering sophisticated modern solutions to cope with the challenges and small inconveniences of everyday life.

A brand you can trust

Constantly on the lookout for innovations: Our research team at work in Hamburg
Fast Healing Bandages get a close-up observation
So what's the story behind developing a bandage back in 1882 and ending up as the #1 choice of millions of people everyday?
Innovation and research have always been the core of the Elastoplast business. At the research center we combine proven traditional techniques with the latest scientific findings. Every new product development profits from the scientific and cosmetic know-how we have accumulated in more than 135 years. Our expertise in wound and skin care is something our customers can rely on and profit from every day.

What we strive for: Innovation and Excellence

Ongoing research and deployment of the latest scientific findings and technologies ensure that our products meet the highest standards and match demanding consumers’ needs. Continuously keeping pace with the demands of an everchanging world, we strive for innovation and excellence in everything we do.

Our history

Historical foundations of a modern company:
To discover the defining highlights and milestones of more than 135 years of Beiersdorf health care history at one glance.

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