Heavy Fabric Shapes
Everything you need for movable body parts

Special shapes for knuckles, fingertips, knees and elbows

  • Adapts to your body's movements
  • Breathable fabric

Elastoplast Heavy Fabric Shapes

Elastoplast Heavy Fabric Shapes contains a variety of elastic fabric plasters designed specifically for smaller wounds on the hand and larger wounds on knees and elbows.

  • The material stretches with the skin's movements.
  • The highly absorbent, non-sticky wound pad protects and cushions the wound.
  • The Sure Stick adhesive ensures extra strong sticking power.

The pack contains three shapes for different needs:

  • Butterfly shapes protect fingertips
  • H-shapes ideally fit knuckles
  • Patches for all types of large wounds

Elastoplast has more than 125 years of experience in innovation and is among the world's most trusted brands.
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